Process Lasso (64-bit) Crack

Process Lasso (64-bit) Crack & Keygen Free Download

Process Lasso (64-bit) Crack

Process Lasso 64bit is a Free Real-time CPU Optimization and Automation Software for Windows PC. Proven, demonstrable, and safe improvements to PC responsiveness during high CPU loads. Process Lasso is an amazing process priority optimizer for your Desktop. Download Now!

Process Lasso Pro Crack : is a unique new technology that will, amongst other things, improve your PC’s responsiveness and stability. Windows, by design, allows programs to monopolize your CPU without restraint — leading to freezes and hangs.

It’s most popular feature is the unique process optimization technology called ProBalance (Process Balance) that will improve your PC’s responsiveness and stability by making intelligent dynamic adjustments to the priority class and/or CPU affinity of problematic background processes. ProBalance will intelligently adjust process priorities and CPU affinities to positively impact the responsiveness of any Windows PC and/or Server (all Windows Server variants).


  • Keep the Windows PC responsive probalance high CPU load
  • Optimization and robotize methods CPU bias
  • Optimization and Automation i/o Need Classes
  • Optimize and automate unique process settings
  • Limiting the use of Hyper-Threading Kernels
  • Prohibited operation method
  • Log and survey process work
  • Automatic restart Process Lasso Pro Crack.
  • Extensive CPU similarity (SMP, NUMA)
  • Monitor PC response /w our elite count
  • C++ code near lightweight, extra usage benefits
  • Efficient self-dominated focus engine that can continue to operate as an organization
  • When constrained, the alternate graphical user interface goes into rest mode or is fully executable
  • Do not capture or change never-ending system settings on any external implant
  • INI profile, easy to change as needed
  • Choose different methods to work quickly
  • Extensive documentation
  • Heat Server Quick Start Guide
  • Compatible with all Windows server varieties!

Process Lasso (64-bit) Crack

What’s New?

  • Show message box on restart after ‘Reconfigure the way Process Lasso starts’
  • Restore listview header right-click to select visible columns (in addition to right-click on tab).
  • Add last four digits of activation code to About Box
  • Show Status column by default in All Processes view
  • Fill app name and desc with process base name if can’t be retrieved
  • Fix filtered processes view didn’t adopt customized columns from All Processes view
  • Fixes to column setting persistence
  • solve extreme date change could cause days installed to roll over
  • Fix to CPU time sort
  •  Dark / white graph theme menu item check inversion
  • Change to default column ordering in all processes listview
  • Enable minidumps

How to install?

First, extract the RAR file.

Install the Setup file & don’t launch it (if launch, exit it properly).

Copy the crack file & paste it into install directory (Replace).

That’s all ………. Enjoy !!!