Hide.me VPN 2.1.2 Crack

hide.me vpn 2.1.2 Crack

Hide.me VPN 2.1.2 Crack with Serial Key

Online navigation poses some risks to each Internet user, related to action tracking, behavior tracking, and identity theft. A smart way to protect yourself from such threats is to reroute your connection through a secure server that can simulate a virtual private network. hide.me VPN is one of the software solutions that can give you a helping hand in safeguarding your real identity and location.

Hide your real IP address and location

Deployment is quick and soon you are greeted by a welcoming window, which prompts you to enter your username and password. Once you are logged in, hide.me VPN displays its main window, which comprises a summary of your connection status, alongside details regarding your account and the VPN IP address.

Depending on the subscription plan you opted for, you can choose from one or more countries the new IP address should belong to. Alternatively, you can leave this task to hide.me VPN, since it will choose the server that is closest to your real location, so as not to affect connection speed. The interface also displays information concerning the used bandwidth, considering that each subscription plan has limited bandwidth usage and data transfer amounts.

Navigate freely and securely

hide.me VPN makes it easy for you to anonymize your Internet connection, secure file transfers and encrypt sensitive personal information that can get easily stolen during browsing sessions. Configuring it is not rocket science and hiding your IP address is just a matter of a few clicks.

Another advantage is that you can bypass all the location-related restrictions some websites or online services impose and access them instantly.

hide.me vpn 2.1.2 Crack

Hide.me VPN 2.1.2 Crack with Serial Key

Hide.me VPN offers both free and paid subscription for their users, although the free version has a 2GB bandwidth cap and you can use their subscription on only one device.

Hide.me VPN 2.1.2 Crack with Serial Key

What to do in times when the cyber world is dominated by instances of snooping and mass data collection? When your data is on sale? In scenarios like that, only a VPN can help you improve your online security and privacy. VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network” – the most secure way to connect to the internet without risking your online identity, privacy and personal information. A VPN creates a secure tunnel using most powerful VPN protocols – hides your original IP behind one of its own – encrypts all your communication and passes through the secure tunnel allowing you to surf the web freely and anonymously. Download Hide.me VPN for Windows today!

Hide.me VPN 2.1.2 Crack with Serial Key

When you use a public WiFi hotspot, your entire browsing activity while connected to that hotspot could be monitored and spied on. It is very much possible that the next person sitting beside you can read your communication easily. Do you know, how easy it is for bad people to create devil twin WiFi Hotspots. Devil twin is like a mirror copy of the original WiFi, which confuses you, but in reality, it is a trap. When connected to public, unsecured WiFi network, most of your data – can be logged and monitored by almost anyone on the same network. With strong encryption and secure tunneling, a VPN can help you improve your online security and make your IP invisible.

Once you become familiar with hiding.me VPN, the settings section has over fifteen different settings to optimize usage. We took a run with it testing various websites and YouTube and found the 2 GB usage to be honest in what you used. Speed is indeed fast. Most VPN’s have a small amount of lag initially because, of course, your data has to pass through another server, but Hide.me is almost unnoticeable. It is also effective. As the last screenshot below shows, Google thinks I am in the Netherlands.


Hide.me offers advanced encryption algorithms and a few other features that make it one of the more secure VPNs out there.

For starters, they offer up to 256-bit AES encryption. Plus, the encryption extends well beyond your browser, by encrypting access to your passwords, personal files, credit card, and other potentially-compromising personal information as well.

In a nutshell, Hide.me should protect your data, hide your IP, and keep you secured on a public Wi-Fi network.