File Viewer Plus 3.0.0 Crack

File Viewer Plus 3.0.0 Crack & Keygen Free Download

File Viewer Plus 3.0.0 Crack

File Viewer Plus 3.0.0 Free is a universal software for displaying files in the Windows operating system, which can display more than 300 file types. With this program, you can view the full details of each file, edit the files, then save the changes or even convert the file format (in bulk). There are many software tools for representing and viewing documents, archived files, multimedia files (audio and video), etc. Most of them only support a group of file types, but using File Viewer Plus The user will be able to view and manage various file types in just one application.

File Viewer Lite is a free Windows utility that allows you to view over 150 popular files formats in its native view including MS office files. It can display the native view of Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, audio files, video files, image files, camera raw images, and more. The unique Info panel displays useful information about the file along with metadata stored in the file, such as EXIF metadata for images and audio and video codecs for multimedia files.

File Viewer Plus 3.0.0 Crack:

File Viewer Plus is not just a file viewer – it’s also a file editor and file converter. You can edit many popular file types and save them in several different formats. Need to convert lots of files? Version 2 now includes a powerful batch converter that allows you to convert hundreds or even thousands of files at once.

While File Viewer supports most common file formats (and many uncommon ones as well), it also displays unsupported file types in both text and hex views. Therefore, you can also use File Viewer Lite to display the contents of unknown files.

File Viewer Plus 3 2018 you have a lot of files in your system software you no need to convert each file. With this File Viewer Plus, you can do batch conversion about hundreds of files at a time to different formats. With this ultimate software you can convert, edit, save, multimedia files. In this, you have View file properties to open all advanced tools on the desktop to select easily to edit. Moreover, in some cases, your file will be not seen it will hide somewhere in that situation this is used to sort with a file name, date, size, etc.

In this, you have so many advanced features to edit the documents. The Icon view property which used to allow to open all types of sizes with a single click. Whereas, you can inspect your file with drag and drop option.

File Viewer Plus 3.0.0 Crack


Open over 300 file formats:
View and convert hundreds of file formats without buying expensive third-party software! Be Microsoft ready with support for Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Visio, and Project files. Play and convert almost any audio or video file. View and edit dozens of raster and vector image types, as well as camera raws from over 600 different camera models. Open email files, extract attachments, and do much more.

Edit, save, and convert your files:
File Viewer Plus is not just a file viewer. It’s a robust file editor and converter as well. Edit Microsoft Word documents and save your changes. Modify images using the advanced image editor and save the resulting file in several different formats. Convert dozens audio and video formats into different multimedia file types — all with a single application.

Lightning fast batch conversion:
Have a lot of files to convert? With File Viewer Plus, you can batch convert hundreds or even thousands of files with lightning speed. Convert Microsoft documents, PDFs, multimedia files, text documents, and more. Once you’ve created a batch conversion job, you can save your presets so you can use the same settings again.

View file properties and metadata:
Ever wonder what hidden information is stored inside your files? Find out with File Viewer Plus! The application displays both file properties and metadata for every file you open.

Inspect your files:
Drag and drop any file onto File Viewer Plus. In the rare case that File Viewer Plus cannot display the native view of the file, you can use the Text and Hex views to inspect the file contents.

File Viewer Plus 3.0.0 Crack

Opearting System:

Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

How to install?

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Install the Setup file & don’t launch it (if launch, exit it properly).

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